Sri Lanka and Maldives

Sri Lanka and Maldives

16 days

This tour will show you Maldives and Sri Lanka majestic nature, rich culture and wonderful beaches. The itinerary will bring you from exploring ancient ruins and UNESCO sites to spices garden and organic plantations and even take a safari game to see majestic elephants and leopards, if you are lucky enough…, in Kumana National Park. It gives a great opportunity for you to experience the historical, cultural and natural values of Sri Lanka. An Italian speaking driver will pick you up at the Bandaranaike International airport, and start the journey that covers the most famous UNESCO heritage, starting from Anuradhapura, the ancient capital of Sri Lanka, to Sirgiriya rock fortess and to the Tooth temple in Kandy. Here you will also have a chance to interact with local farmers in Matale, while visiting a Cocoa and Spice factory to see how cocoa and other spices are processed, and in Heeloya Village, where you will discover farmers’ traditional agricultural practices. Next destination will be Mahiyangana and meet the Vedda (Vanniyaletto), the indigenous people of Sri Lanka. Arugam Bay welcomes you to a different Sri Lanka. It is located at the “end of the road” on the East Coast of Sri Lanka. If you’re after remote rural life with all the atmosphere of jungle and adventure this is the place for you. The bay is located 320 km due east of Colombo. “Ullai” as Arugam Bay is locally known is a popular surfing and tourist destination. Beyond surfing there are many things can be enjoyable, Lagoon tour, bird watching, elephant watching, Kumana National Park, Kudumbigala monarchy and many ancient ruins and archaeological sites. There are lot of tourist not only surfers, but many nature lovers visiting Arugam Bay. Here you can watch wildlife, you may drive in a jeep 10-15 km down South before sunrise or walk along the lagoon. Being an area with links back to ancient kingdoms there are many remnants in the jungle from old Buddhist culture. Just outside Pottuvil behind the dunes are excavations of a 2000 year old temple, Modu Maha Vihare. In Arugam Bay you will have a lunch in Panama prepared by local community and visit Kudimbigala temple. The last two stops of the itinerary on the way back Colombo will be Tangalle, where you can visit a Turtle conservation project, and the lovely Mirissa beach, idel location where to have some rest before you return back home. During your stay in Maldives you will be host in a beautiful eco-resort located within an almost pristine forest on the local island of Hanimaadhoo, here you can relax on pristine beaches and join the activities promoted by the Hanimaadhoo Conservation Center.

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1° day: Arrival Colombo – Sigiriya

Colombo – Sigiriya
Arrive at Colombo Airport. Travel through the countryside to Sigiriya in Dambulla, the central province of Sri Lanka.
Overnight in Sigiriya (B).

2° day: visit Anuradhapura

Sigirya – Anuradhapura – Sigirya
After breakfast visit Anuradhapura, the ancient capital of Sri Lanka during 4th Century BC to 11th Century AD. Its unbeleivable beauty will take your breath away. You will see the sacred Jayasri Maha Bo Tree, infamous Samadhi Buddha satue, stone carvings at Isurumuniya temple, Ruwanweli Sthupa and many more attractions in this 2500 years old, yet vibrant living city. After lunch proceed to Sigiriya. On the way visit Aukana Buddha statue, a fascinating Buddha statue situated near Kalawewa (large reservoir) built by King Dathusena; Father of King Kashyapa who built Sigiriya Rock fortress. On the way back visit Dambulla Golden Rock Cave Temple.
Overnight in Sigiriya (B).

3° Day: Visit Sigiriya

Sigirya – Kandy
After breakfast visit Sigiriya Rock Fortress, which dates back more than 5,000 years to Mesolitic period. Enjoy climbing of this 5th Century AD fortress made by King Kashyapa. Known by the name Lion Rock, it has very interesting frescos and graffiti. Then proceed to Kandy. On the way visit a Cocoa and Spice factory in Matale. Visit the factory and see how cocoa and other spices are processed. Thereafter visit one of the local organic cocoa farmers’ home gardens and experience how they grow cocoa. Enjoy a traditional lunch with the community. Arrive in Kandy and check in into the hotel.
Overnight in Kandy (B/L).

4° Day: Visit Kandy

Kandy – Heeloya – Kandy
After breakfast proceed to Heeloya Village. Welcome by the village community. Enjoy the local refreshments and herbal tea. Trek in the village through organic village home gardens and paddy fields. Local community guide will show you many local spices, vegetables and fruits in the home gardens of the village farmers. The destination is the village water fall. Enjoy the views and the serenity of the waterfall. Trek down to a village farmer’s house to experience traditional rice & curry lunch prepared with organically grown vegetables. Proceed back to Kandy. Visit Kandy Temple of Tooth Relic and Cultural Dance performance in the evening.
Overnight in Kandy (B/L).

5° Day: Meet the vedda mahiyangana

Kandy – Mahiyangana
After breakfast proceed to Mahiyangana and meet the Vedda (Vanniyaletto), the indigenous people of Sri Lanka. The term Vedda (or hunter) is a name given by Sinhala-speakers, while Veden is the term used in Tamil. The people refer to themselves as Vanniyaletto (forest dwellers). Visit the village and explore their life style and cultural practices. Continue to the much revered Mahiyangana Temple, a ste pilgrimage of Buddha’s first visit to the island, and among Sri Lanka’s most sacred places.
Overnight in Mahiyangana (B/L)

6° Day: Beach walk Arugam Bay

Mahiyangana – Arugam Bay
After breakfast proceed to Arugam Bay. Arugam Bay, a moon-shaped curl of soft sand, is home to a famed point break that many regard as the best surf spot in the country. You can experience surfing or if you’re not a surfer, you can relax, sunbath or walk on the beach.
Overnight in Arugam Bay (B).

7° Day: Jeep safari Nala National Park

Arugam Bay
Leave for Kumana (Yala East) National park Jeep Safari in early morning with packed breakfast. After the jeep safari, on the way to Panama village, visit Okanda Hindu Temple and Kudumbigala Buddhsit Monastry. Have lunch at a village home in Panama. Then proceed back to Arugam Bay. Evening at leisure.
Overnight in Arugam Bay (B/L).


Arugam Bay – Tangalle
Proceed to Pottuvil lagoon canoe trip early in the morning. Return back to the hotel for breakfast. Then proceed to Uraniya and Lahugala villages, where local farmers practice organic agriculture. Enjoy lunch with the local community in Uraniya thereafter visit Magul Maha Viharaya, an ancient temple in Lahugala. Then proceed to Tangalle. After dinner proceed to Turtle Conservation project. You may have the opportunity to witness something extremely rare, which is marine turtle’s coming to the shore to lay eggs. After the visit proceed back to hotel.
Overnight in Tangalle (B/L).

9° day: relax on Mirissa Beach

Tangalle – Mirissa
After breakfast proceed to Mirissa. Enjoy a day free to relax on the beach, crack open a coconut, slip into a hammock or rock gently in the breeze, allowing your remaining hours in Sri Lanka to slip calmly by.
Overnight in Mirissa (B).

10° Day: Transfer to Hanimaadhoo

Mirissa – Colombo – Malè – Hanimadhoo
Proceed to Colombo Airport for your international flight to Male. Arrival at Malé international airport. Resort representative will meet you at the International airport and transfer to domestic airport for a flight to Hanimaadhoo Airport and then with car to the resort. Check in in the resort and take rest after the journey.
Overnight in Hanimaadhoo island. (B/D)

11° day: Relax on the beach

After breakfast discover the beautiful atmosphere of the eco-resort. Discover all the facilities available such as the well equipped fitness center, the private beach, the saltwater swimming, the SPA, the Conservation Center and diving center. Take some time to plan or organize your week in the Maldives.
Overnight in Hanimaadhoo island. (B/D)


After breakfast join the resident marine biologist for a snorkeling trip to the coral house. You will have the chance to concretely contribute to the activities of the Coservation Center, while joining this “conservation snorkeling” within a monitoring framework. In this way you can join the activities of the center as to discover our daily marine research efforts to carry out programmes within the structure and get involved by the marine biologists in their scientific work. The Conservation Center has developed a series of ‘responsible activities’ for tourists (such as snorkeling, dolphin watch, etc.), so that a double goal can be pursued: “fun” for the tourists and environmental monitoring. After the tour relax on the beach or explore on your own the activities of the resort.
Overnight in Hanimaadhoo island. (B/D)


In the morning you start at the discovery of the cultural diversity of Hanimaadhoo island by bicycle. Hanimaadhoo island is authentic and locals warmly welcome all visitors. During this cycle tour you will discover the tradition and cultural of the people living in the island. You will have the chance also to get to know specific environmental education programs in collaboration with the local school. Rest of the day feel free to relax on the beach or go for snorkeling.
Overnight in Hanimaadhoo island. (B/D)

14° Day: Free time to relax

Spend these days to explore the island, rest on the beach or snorkel. You can also join the dive center or the Spa if you wish to organize on your own any extra activities.
Overnight in Hanimaadhoo island. (B/D)

15° Day: Free time to relax

Spend these days to explore the island, rest on the beach or snorkel. You can also join the dive center or the Spa if you wish to organize on your own any extra activities.
Overnight in Hanimaadhoo island. (B/D)

16° day: Transfer to airport

Transfer to Male International Airport for your international flight.
Checkout and transfer to Malé International airport for your international flight.


  • explore Anuradhapura, the ancient capital of Sri Lanka
  • visit Dambulla Golden Rock Cave Temple
  • take an excursion to the Sigirya rock fortress, which dates back to the Mesolithic period
  • see how cocoa and other spices are processed in Matale
  • enjoy a community based experience in Heeloya Village, exploring organic home-gardens and paddy fields
  • visit the famous Temple of the Sacred Tooth in Kandy
  • assist at a cultural dance performance in Kandy
  • meet the indigenous people of Sri Lanka, the Vedda
  • experience surfing or relax on the beach of Arugam Bay
  • explore the wildlife of Kumana (Yala East) National Park, through an amazing Jeep Safari
  • enjoy a traditional Sri Lankan lunch in a village house in Panama
  • visit the ancient temple in Lahugala, the Magul Maha Viharaya
  • explore Uraniya and Lahugala villages, where local farmers practice organic agriculture
  • try to spot sea turtles laying eggs, while visiting a conservation project in Tangalle
  • slip into a hammock or rock gently in the breeze in the beautiful Mirissa beach
  • relax on the beach, equipped with straw covered umbrellas and loungers for sun bathing
  • discover the marine diversity with snorkeling tours, guided by the resident marine biologists
  • experience diving at the diving center, which guarantees the highest level of quality and professionalism
  • enjoy Kayaking tour sas to explore the Hanimaadhoo lagoon
  • experience daily yoga session in the open air, surrounded by nature
  • join our dolphin monitoring boat expedition
  • discover  deserted islands on a daily trip
  • discover local life with our environmental and cultural bicycle tours
  • unwind at the saltwater swimming pool
  • discover the environmental activities of the Conservation Center
  • experience the night fluoro snorkelling boat trip
  • pamper yourself at the Spa, where treatments are combined with a spiritual and meditative experience to achieve total wellbeing of body and mind


The best time to participate in take part of this tour is anytime between May and October. Climate is essentially tropical-hot during the day. Summer (April-June) temperatures can get as high as 43-44°C, while early mornings and evenings are pleasant (18-24°C). Night time winter temperatures vary between 02-20°C, whereas days are sunny and pleasant (October-March). Rainfall is heavy in the monsoon season (mid-June to September) and average rainfall is 1400 mm.
The Maldives enjoy a year-round tropical climate, subject to the influence of the monsoons, winds that blow in different directions according to the seasons. December to May is considered to be the best time to visit Maldives. There are two seasons: the dry season of the “Iruvai”, monsoon from the Northeast, from December to May, and the rainy season of the “Hulhangu”, monsoon from the Southwest, from May to November. The wind that brings the rains blows from the southwest towards the northeast, whereas the winter monsoon (which brings the good weather) blows from the northeast to the southwest, bringing the dry season with little rain. Temperatures average 28°-31° all year round. The water temperature is always pleasant, around 27°-29°.


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