Bhutan: the country


Bhutan is a small mountain state landlocked in the Eastern Himalayas, it has a population of 770.000 people and it borders Tibet (China) to the north and India to the south, east and west.
Thimphu is the capital and the largest city, official language is dzongkha and the most diffused religion is Buddhism.


We offer two tours in Bhutan, the first one is The land of the Thunder dragon and the second one is in combination with India Sikkim and Bhutan.

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Thimphu — capital and largest city
Paro — with the old monastery of Taktsang.
Phuentsholing — second largest town, on the indian border..
Punakha — ancient capital of Bhutan Reign.
Trongsa — relevant town with an ancient buddhist monastery.


The most important food are red rice, wheat, corn, pork meat, beef, chicken, yak meat, cheese and chili.
Ema datshi – very spicy, made from green chili peppers and melted cheese
Jasha maru – traditional dish consisting of minced chicken, tomatoes, and other ingredients
Jasha tshoem – bhutanese curry chicken
Phaksha PAA – dried pork, cooked with chili pepper, spices and vegetables.

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  • Bhutan Cibo
  • Bhutan Cibo

useful informations

How to get here
Passaport: a minimum of six months validity (expiration date must be always after the end of your stay in Bhutan).
Visa: mandatory. Released by Tourism Council of Bhutan.
International airport: Paro

Bhutan climate
It is possible to visit Bhutan all over the year, but best periods are between March and May (spring) and between September and November (autumn).

Time Zone
+5h, +4h with summertime

Local currency is Ngultrum, exchange rate is about 1€ = 71 Ngultrum

Health Information
Ask your doctor what vaccines and medicines you need based on where you are going, how long you are staying, what you will be doing. Recommended vaccines for Bhutan meningitis, rabies, tuberculosis, cholera, thyphoid, hepatitis A.

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