Education For Children

Education for children

In the South of the world millions of children are living in conditions of poverty and marginalization: they have no access to food, clean water, the most basic medical care and basic education. Marginalized communities such as indigenous people, living in remote areas inside the forest, have been even more exclude from the formal education system for several reason. It often happens that in these remote villages there is no source of income for many days of the year, forcing all the members of these communities, and therefore the children, to stay without even a daily meal.
Moreover, in India because of the caste system, that still influences social relations, tribal and indigenous communities are among the most disadvantaged, due to discrimination of various kinds in all aspects of their economic and social life. Children of these communities are left to themselves in their villages, often without being enrolled in any school!

Conscious Journeys believes that without any formal education these disadvantages and marginalised communities will never been able to determine their future. That is why one of our main objective is to provide a good quality education to children of the most marginalised communities. Through our partners we support several initiatives through South Asian countries.
In particular, in India we support directly a local NGO as to support the formal education of the most deserving indigenous communities such as Kattunayakans (which in local language means the king of the forest) in the district of Niligiri, one of the most dependent community on natural resources for their economic activities.

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Children sponsorship program: DISTANCE ADOPTION

Distance adoption is an action of solidarity that guarantees to the minors of the poor countries and to their families an economical help, so that they may receive the primary goods, education and the medical care they need.

With about 25€ per month (less than one euro per day) you can ensure a child and his community a better future as to overcome poverty and injustice.

Counselling and support to the families

Often the families of tribal communities are not sufficiently aware of the importance of giving a good education to their children. Children of these villages are left free to play all day without being enrolled in any school. The few cases in which children are enrolled in school they fail to maintain regular attendance and dropping out is very high from the earliest elementary grades. Therefore, the project involves the presence of a village animator village that visits regularly all the families to ensure that parents understand the importance of schooling for their children.

Enrolment into the formal education system

In India in general schools are divided between schools where is taught in the local language and those where is taught in English. The latter are more organized and the level of learning is generally better than in the others. For this reason, children have been enrolled in those schools as to receive the best education possible. The possibility of being allowed in this type of school is one of the main challenges of the project as tribal communities were not generally accepted due to many cultural prejudices. Nevertheless, the children already placed in this school system are reaching unexpected results. The project, however, aims at keeping the identity and knowledge of the community of origin as essential elements of their cultural heritage.

Coaching: after school support

Parents of these children in general have not studied. So their level of education is very low and does not exceed in many of these situations the second grade. For this reason it is essential to organize supplementary classes after-school as for children to be able to maintain the level of the rest of the class. These courses are taught by a teacher who lives in the local project area halfway between the school and the village. These courses are taught every day for two hours every afternoon during the week.

Support for materials and school uniforms and transport

With your support we be able to buy two sets of school uniforms and all the required materials. In addition, due to the remote location of these villages we provide transport of all children by jeep. This will ensure a regular presence at school, avoiding the risks that these children can encounter in the forest areas.

Creation of parents committees

In all the villages will be created parents committees who will be responsible for enrolling into school ALL school-age children of their own villages and also monitoring that a regular school attendance. This activity is essential to change the mentality of the families on the importance of receiving a good formal education. Moreover, this activity encourages taking charge of the responsibility to educate their children within a single village.


Adopting is very easy!

  • You can ask for some explanatory material on the different types of adoption
  • Choose the type of adoption that you prefer
  • Fill in the application form

The costs are different according to the type of adoption you choose:

INDIVIDUAL Adoption: the monthly contribution is 25€ (300€ per year) and is meant to support a single child member of a Community. You will receive the report on the history and the photograph of a child chosen as testimonial of that Community.

One-off COMMUNITY adoption: it is a free donation for a temporary support that can be assigned to one or more children, even one single time.

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