Experiential Tourism

experiential tourism

The concept of travel and tourism has evolved a great deal in recent years, and continues to evolve today. If in the past, travel was experienced as a moment of escape, a time to enjoy doing nothing, today the traveller has become much more demanding, often looking for holidays that can enrich his cultural baggage, to broaden his horizons and perhaps to put himself to the test and get out of his comfort zone.

It is precisely the travel proposal that is changing, as we move from passive tourism to active tourism, from traditional tourism, which places the destination at the centre of the trip, tending to show only the glossy and more touristy aspects, to experiential and emotional tourism, which instead has its focus on the traveller himself, whom it wants to guarantee intimate, meaningful and unfiltered, but real and authentic experiences.

A journey that does not just plan the best-known cities in order to tick them off one’s list of places visited, but that through organised experiences of those places wants to bring out their soul and cultural essence, to be taken home as the most important souvenir of the trip.

Experiential tourism: our proposals

In this list you will find the ‘experiences’ that you can book with us, in some of the cities and countries where we work.

experiential tourism in india

Duration: 1 Day

Through this one-day tour you will support the disabled crafts of the Silence Cooperative, an Altromercato partner organisation. Silence’s main goal is to enable disabled people (especially the deaf) to receive technical education so that they can work and earn a living.

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