Burma (or Myanmar) is a state in South East Asia, with a population of 52 million people and bordered by India, Bangladesh, China, Thailand and Laos; the Bay of Bengal touches the southwest coast.
Naypyidaw is the capital, the official language is Burmese and the main religion in Bhuddism (89%).


We offer two tours in Burma, the first one is The best of Myanmar and the second one is Burma: trekking, tribe and temples.

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Naypyidaw – capital city
Yangon – (formerly known as Rangoon) former capital city and most important city of Burma
Bago – ancient town founded by Mongols people
Mandalay – the second-largest city and the last royal capital
Bagan – archeological site with hundreds of pagodas
Inle Lake – large freshwater lake, villages on stilts
Ngapali – beach destination with long white beaches

Burma is divided in states and regions:
Chin, Kachin, Kayah, Kayin, Mon, Rakhine, Shan

Ayeyarwady (Irrawaddy), Bago (Pegu), Magway, Mandalay, Sagaing, Tanintharyi (Tenassarim), Yangon (former capital of Burma).


Burmese cuisine has been influenced by Chinese and Indian cuisine, the most typical dishes are:
Mohinga – rice noodles with curry soup
Onnokauswe – noodles with coconut milk soup
Laphet Thote – fermented tea leaves, salad and driedn fruit with rice aside
Meeshay – chinese dish with rice noodles with pork or chicken and a meat sauce.
Palata – fried indian bread served at breakfast with sugar or at lunch/ dinner with meat
Shan Food – typical of the Inle Lake area, very tasty and spicy

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How to get here
Passaport: a minimum of six months validity.
Visa: mandatory, send your request to the Burmese Embassy in your country.
International Airport: Yangon.

Burma Climate
Burma with monsoons coming from South-west from June to September and coming from North from December to April. Best time to visit the country is from November to March.

Local currency is Kyat, exchange rate is 1€ = 1380 Kyat. Dollar is widely accepted.

Alwasy ask your doctor what vaccines and medicines you need based on where you are going, how long you are staying, what you will be doing.
Recommended vaccines for Burma are: hepatitis A and B, japanese encephalitis, typhoid, rabies, diphtheria and tetanus. Malaria vaccine is recommended especially if you are visiting low-altitude areas.

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