The Company

Conscious Journeys Pvt. Ltd.

39 B, Ballygunge Terrace, Kolkata 700029, West Bengal, India
T. +(91) 983 0079988

P.O. Box 830, Thimphu, Bhutan

No 14, Marlarmyaing 1st street 16 ward, Hlaing, Yangon, Myanmar

259/A, Kurundawatta Cross Avenue, Daluwakotuwa, Kochchikade 11540, Sri Lanka

the company

Conscious Journeys is your local DMC (Destination Management Company) specialized in conscious and experiential tours in several Asian Countries, with offices in India, Sri Lanka, Bhutan e Birmania. We handle all ground services for wholesale tour operators and travel agencies, such as hotels booking, trasport with private drivers, specialized and professional guides (in different languages), special activities with local Organisations and social cooperatives, visits to the most famous and off-beat touristic attractions.
We are the ideal partner to organize your travels in Asian Countries, thanks to our deep knowledge of the places and the selection of the best local experiences as to live the cultural essence of the Countries where we operate.

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We promote tourism in Asian Countries adopting an innovative approach, based on a fair and equitable use and access to natural resources, as to enable a concrete well-being of disadvantages and marginalised communities.
Our work is founded on the recognition that the Earth is a dynamic living whole whose complex processes have maintained the conditions for life to evolve over millions of years. Our aim is to ensure viable, long-term economic operations, providing socio-economic benefits to all stakeholders that are fairly distributed, including stable employment and income-earning opportunities and social services to host communities, and contributing to poverty alleviation.
We promote tools for diversification of economic activities of rural communities, through the facilitation of access to markets, and participation of emerging local enterprises, especially small and medium-sized enterprises. We believe that tourism can be used as a tool to empower local communities while recognising, protecting and valuing natural and cultural heritages.

Our activities focus on three main objectives:

Enabling hosting communities and the environment to benefit from tourism

Protecting and valuing the diversity of natural and cultural heritages

Providing quality education to children of the most marginalised communities

“the challenge of protecting, maintaining, and restoring the diversity of life on earth is the challenge of supporting and promoting diversity in nature and culture”

Our mission

To carry on initiatives that protect and value the cultural and biological diversity (bio-cultural diversity) of our planet, promoting a fair and equitable sharing of benefits arising from the utilization of natural resources, and simultaneously more sustainable life styles of consumers.
The main mission of our company is to value, promote and safeguard different forms of cultural and biological manifestations, being aware of a deep connection among the individuals beyond all those differences.
We aim at protecting and promoting products, such as organic agricultural and agro-processed products, non-timber forest products, textile and handicraft products, tourist itineraries etc., based on bio-cultural heritage which could contribute to a more sustainable development.

Conscious Journeys
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