Tolpavakoothu Sangam India

Tolpavakoothu Sangam

Tolpavakoothu Sangam is an Institute for research, training and performance of this ancient art of Kerala. One of its main aim is the preservation of the traditional art of Tolpava Koothu, an unique shadow puppet theatre form of Kerala, South India, is preserved as a family tradition by the Pulavars. It is an ancient peculiar ritualistic art form dedicated to Bhagavati, worshiped by the people of Kerala as the Mother Goddess. As a ritualistic art form, Tolpava Koothu is performed during the months of January to May at the especially constructed theatre called Koothu Madam in front of the Bhagavati temple. It was late Krishnankutty Pulavar himself who first took Tolpavakoothu out of the temple precincts to the outside world. The Institute conducts shadow puppet plays all over the world. It has the facilities to research all aspects of shadow puppetry. A theatre comparable to the traditional theatre in which Tolpavakoothu is performed is available. Many international students come here for research.

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