Sundarbans Jungle Camp Bengala Occidentale India

Sunderbans Jungle Camp

The Sunderbans Jungle Camp is located on Bali Island in the remote southern stretches of West Bengal’s Gangetic Delta. It is one of HELP Tourism’s flagship projects and manages to satisfy many of the company’s philosophies and goals, while offering an exceptionally positive tourism experience. Located just at the edge of the world’s largest mangrove eco-systems, the Sunderbans, the camp (SJC) offers some very special opportunities to see and enjoy the flora and fauna of this UNESCO World Heritage Site, a place where wild tigers still roam and sometimes even hunt humans to sate their hunger. Sunderbans also has a specially adapted ecosystem that is highly tolerant to salt-water. The choice of HELP Tourism to locate the camp here was a matter of the forest’s preservation. The office of the Wildlife Protection Society of India is right inside the camp, demonstrating the company’s direct links to organisations that work for the betterment of the forest.

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