NBPT Nilgiri Tamil Nadu India

NBPT (Nilgiri Biological Protection Trust)

NBPT is an NGO, based in the village of Gudalur in the Nilgiri district of Tamil Nadu, created with the aim of protecting the environment and forest dependent communities and simultaneously to improve the socio-economic conditions of forest dwellers. The Organisation is strongly connected with people’s movements or community based Organisations, such as VTMS (Vivasaigal Thozhilalargal Munnetra Sangam), EAKMS (Erumad Adivasi Kurumba Munnetra Sangam), and KMS (Kattunayakan Munnetra Sangam). VTMS (Workers and Peasants Progress Organisation) is a mass organisation based in the Nilgiris District of Tamil Nadu. VTMS was founded in 1996 in order to organise the people of the area, particularly the taluks of Gudalur and Panthalur, in their struggle against exploitation and state repression. With a base among Sri Lankan Tamil repatriates, adivasis, Dalits and other small cultivators and estate workers, the organisation now has a membership of 12,000 families. EAKMS a community based organisation formed by indigenous people of Mullu Kurumba while KMS of Kattunayakan group. Both the movements undertake several initiatives to empower and improve the situation of their own community.

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