Koh Yao Noi island

Koh yao noi

Koh Yao Noi is located between the island of Phuket & Krabi on the Thai mainland. Less than an hour away by speedboat from the hustle & bustle of the heavily burdened tourist destinations of Phuket & Krabi, the lush, tropical Koh Yao Noi is still largely untouched.
There are many activities that you can play on this fantastic tropical island, grab a kayak from the rack & explore the immediate coastline of Koh Yao Noi – the beaches & little bays that are right near the resort.
Take a guided evening tour around Koh Yao Noi to explore the island & see the beautiful sunset. Experience local life on this unspoiled tropical island and enjoy a stunning view of the sunset at Sapan Yao Pier.
Stop at the local market for some local souvenir shopping, a taste of the local fruits, & to checkout the fishermen’s catch of the day.

  • Ko Yao Noi
  • Ko Yao Noi
  • Ko Yao Noi
  • Ko Yao Noi
  • Ko Yao Noi

The resort

The resort is a boutique beach resort & spa that provides an idyllic, quiet, and very romantic get-away. Kick off your shoes, take a walk on the beach while holding hands, and surrender to the beauty of the island.
The resort features 400 meters of pristine sandy beach where the clear, clean waters of Phang Nga Bay gently break on shore. One of the main nearby attractions is the inspiring limestone rock formation at the north end of the beach, part of the National Reserve Park.
The resort’s location surrounded by the national reserve parkland provides magnificent views over Phang Nga Bay from private balconies, the beachside restaurants, the beach itself, hiking and biking trails, and the beachfront Yoga sala.

thailand when to go

Thailand enjoys a tropical climate. It is typically high in both temperature and humidity with yearly monsoons. Awareness of Thailand’s seasonal weather patterns is essential for the traveller so as to make for a comfortable and enjoyable trip.
In a typical year the monsoon rains peter out in October and the high season for tourism begins. November till April sees the most accomodating weather for guests to Thailand. During these months the humidity has been cleared from the preceding monsoon. There is now low rainfall, sunny skies and the temperature flirts with 30°C.
During April and May the heat intensifies and humidity rises. April and May are particularly warm with average daytime temperatures breaching 35°C. Clear skies are still common, but as the weeks pass clouds start to bubble up during the late morning and afternoon rain becomes more frequent. These showers eliminate humidity and break up the clouds leading to stunning sunsets.
June to September sees the full onset of the monsoon. Mornings often begin clear and sunny, however, even before the heat has chance to build up, dark clouds are rolling in accompanied with strong gusts of wind. Wild, exciting storms are commonplace with heavy precipitation. Whereas this weather is not good for tourism, the locals seem indifferent, enjoying the cool respite before the cycle starts over.

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