Indeco Tamil Nadu India

Indeco hotels

INDeco Leisure hotels is a tourism company with national interest. It is the only Indian hotel group to win the distinguished “Global Eco Tourism Award and The Embassy Nomination for American Partnership”. The company owns three different hotels in Tamil Nadu: 1) Indeco Swamimalai in Kumbakonam, 2) Indeco Mahabalipuram and 3) Indeco Lake Forest in Yercaud. INDeco Swamimalai of Kumakonam is set in an ancient village amidst the culture, tradition and arts and it is India’s only winner of Global Eco Tourism Award! INDeco hotels properties are set admist museums, containing local lifestyle, beliefs, practices, cultures, histrorical artefacts. The primary goal of the group of hotels is to take history to the doorstep of every tourist who connect with them.

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