holi festival

Holi (25th March 2024)

Holi or the festival of colours, is enthusiastically celebrated on the full moon day of March all over India to welcome the arrival of Spring, the season of hope and joy. Nature too, it seems rejoices at the arrival of Holi and wears its best clothes. Fields get filled with crops promising a good harvest to the farmers and flowers bloom colouring the surroundings and filling fragrance in the air. The festival holds different names in different states but the spirit with which it is celebrated by everyone all across the globe, makes it so special and vibrant. On the eve of Holi, people gather at important crossroads and light huge bonfires of dried leaves and dry branches and twigs, the ceremony is called Holika Dahan. It symbolises the end of gloomy winter. On the day of Holi, bright colours of gulal and abeer fill the air and people take turns in pouring colour water over each other. Children take special delight in spraying colours on one another with their pichkaris and throwing water balloons and passers-by. Women and senior citizen form groups called tolis and move in colonies – applying colours and exchanging greetings. Songs, dance on the rhythm of dholak and mouth-watering Holi delicacies are the other highlights of the day.

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