Chilapata Jungle Bengala occidentale India

Chilapata Jungle Camp

Chilapata Jungle Camp is an abode for those who appreciate an authentic, educative and inspiring experience with the local nature and culture. The cottages are constructed with eco-friendly materials and have respectfully replicated the traditional architecture and design of the indigenous tribal houses. As a part of its environmental commitment, the Jungle Camp is slowly converting to renewable energy and has just installed a bio gas plant to meet the requirement of cooking fuel for its kitchen. In the camp there are several projects to support local species, such as frogs and butterflies, under the guidance and supervision of experts who have trained a group of local youths. The Jungle Camp has trained and employed also local villagers to look after the hospitality, services, housekeeping and maintenance of the infrastructure. All ecotourism and cultural activities are managed and run by a group of local youths, known as eco-guides, trained by the resource persons of Help Tourism. Moreover, the centre and the small bamboo crafts and weaving is independently run by a local self-help group from the nearby Rabha village and the profit goes directly to the community.

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