Bamboo Village Kerala India

Bamboo Village is the brainchild of two organizations – Uravu, an NGO in Thrikkaipetta village working on bamboo handicrafts, and Kabani, a tourism-focused organization. Bamboo Village is an initiative aiming at develop Thrikaipetta village in Waynad district of Kerala as a whole. At Bamboo Village, local communities are involved to be creative, self-reliant and responsible for their own living conditions and socio-economic security through active participation in development activities. Organic farming, bamboo handicrafts, food processing units and home stays and tourism activities all fall under the purview of the Bamboo Village. Organic farming and handicrafts ensure sustainable income generation, whereas tourism provides a complementary income source. The investment of the farmers in tourism has been kept to the minimum, since we don’t want it to replace agriculture as the main source of livelihood. We also view the conversation of the environment and our natural resources as an integral part of the initiative.

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