Our Approach

“The more we give, the greater we become, we learn to see ourselves in others. Their suffering becomes our suffering and their joy our joy.”

Swami Satyananda Saraswati

Our Approach

A conscious approach to travel requires a considerable capacity and willingness to adapt and adjust to the local environment and culture. If you wish to travel with us we request you to be open enough to experience local culture, religious and traditions without bias and pre-conceived ideas you might have before the departure and which belong to our Western cultural way of thinking. Exploring with fresh eyes, with patience and openness, you will be able to access the real essence of South Asian cultural heritages through the places and people you are going to meet; if you are ready to do this effort you will really enjoy the beauty of a completely different cultural tradition, the extraordinary of the nature, the solemnity of Hindu, Buddhist or Jain temples, the holiness of the waters of countless rivers and oceans that flow through this magic land…

All our itineraries aimed at the preservation of biological and cultural diversity  of our planet, encouraging more environmentally sustainable lifestyles through a new way of travel, based on:
on the enhancement, promotion and preservation of various forms of diversity and on the assertion of individuality as human beings,

but at the same time,
on the certainty that there is a deep connection between all individuals beyond the cultural and social differences!

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