Watsu in Auroville

Watsu in Auroville

Located in a beautiful seven-acre beachfront complex, overlooking the majestic beauty of the Indian Ocean, the select centre offers a wide range of natural treatments and a variety of aquatic therapies, such as Watsu and Woga. Long or short stay rooms are available for guests and residents of Auroville. This is a perfect place to relax, rejuvenate, recharge and heal; A place to deeply experience inner peace and joy.
Auroville, well known as the “Universal City”, is an experimental city located in South India, created to realize what is only possible when people live together in a community without national and religious barriers, without ethnic, political, and economic separations – everything that usually separates and divides. Here, citizens of the whole world, live a life of selfless service, dedicated to the search for human unity. Transformed from an arid desert land into a lush and green forest, this unique city is supported by UNESCO and the Government of India, Auroville is a special place, where you can find peace for both your mind and soul.
Here in Auroville, you will have the opportunity to stay in this beautiful beachfront centre, which combines traditional therapies with the benefits of water at body temperature (35 ° C), which will help you achieve a deep state of physical and mental well-being. This healing path is based on the understanding that the human being is first and foremost a spiritual being, seeking to express his true self through his mental, emotional, and physical “bodies”. The various natural and non-invasive therapies will try to lead you to a deeper energy level within a safe space made of care, love, and touch.


Watsu (WATer ShiatSU) is a treatment that involves staying on the surface of the water at body temperature. It combines stretching and relaxation in hot water, also including some acupressure techniques to generate a sense of deep well-being and restore the balance between body and mind. Harold Dull, who pioneered Watsu in the 1980s, called it “an art of mental healing.”

There are many benefits of Watsu therapy, such as increasing range of motion, stress relief, reduction of arthritic pain, pain associated with fibromyalgia and emotional trauma, anxiety and sleep disorders. Watsu Therapy is also a perfect treatment for those who have recently been discharged from physical therapy.



At the centre you will find spacious and aesthetically cared accommodation, comfortably designed and meticulously maintained. These rooms are available for those who wish to stay at the centre during treatments; there are a total of 13 rooms. While the rooms overlooking the sea offer the pleasure of a natural sea breeze, those overlooking the garden are all equipped with air conditioning.
The kitchen offers three delicious vegetarian dishes served buffet style daily, with a variety of dishes to suit both Indian and Western tastes.


From November to March is the best time to visit Auroville. The climate is tropical in Auroville. Summers are hot and humid with average temperatures ranging from 40-44 degrees. Occasional rainfall starts from July, although the main rainfall is during the month of October-December.

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