Koh Lipe island

Koh Lipe

If you are dreaming an exotic Thai island, you are probably dreaming a place like Koh Lipe, with its palm fringed empty beaches fading into aquamarine waters, lush greenery. Often said to have the most beautiful beaches in Thailand, Koh Lipe cab be really considered as a dreamy combination of remoteness (far fewer tourists than Phuket or Samui), picture-perfect beaches and deserted islands. It is a small island in the Southern part of the Thai Andaman Sea near the border of Malaysia. It is famous for its white sandy beaches, crystal clear water and abundant marine life.
Koh Lipe or Ko Lipe, pronounced as Ko Lee-pae, is the southern most island in Thailand and it is one of the several islands located in the beautiful Tarutao National Marine Park.
Koh Tarutao Marine National Park is definitely considered one of Thailand’s most exquisite, unspoiled regions, encompassing 51 islands blanketed by well-preserved rain forest teeming with fauna, surrounded by healthy coral reefs and radiant white beaches.
Lipe island was first discovered by the Chao Ley (or Sea Gypsies) who would travel from island to island in search of the best fishing in the areas to feed themselves and their tribes. The Chao Ley eventually found a permanent home on Koh Lipe and were given a grant to settle on the island’s eastern beach and have since remained there.
The island is small enough to explore on foot, perhaps hand-in-hand with your loved one. Pattaya Beach is the busiest of the beaches and home to most of the island’s nightlife, while Sunset Beach is the quietest and most secluded. Snorkeling, diving and tours of nearby islets are readily available, although you might prefer to spend your time getting couples’ massages at one of the exclusive resorts. This extension can be added to any of our itineraries in Thailand.

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the resort

The resorts we have selected for the island of Koh Lipe are environmentally aware and eco-friendly.
The buildings were strongly influenced by the traditional Thai building methods, using the natural hardwoods built on the post buried in the ground, removing the need for concrete foundations, the roofs are made from local thatch.
Koh Lipe is a beautiful and little island where we need to look after its environment.
During your vacation at the resort, you can enjoy fantastic and comfortable accommodation. Koh Lipe is the perfect combination of nature and beautiful holiday.

koh lipe when to go

Being on the Andaman coast Koh Lipe enjoys the dry season from November to March, while rainy season starts from April to October. The rainy season hits the Andaman coast of the southern peninsula harder than anywhere else in the country, so the best time to visit the island is from November to March, which is also considered peak season.

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