Honeymoon in Borneo

Honeymoon in Borneo

12 days

There is a long list of reasons why Malaysia Borneo is such an excellent destination for a honeymoon. Not only it has fantastic weather during our summer months, when instead heavy tropical rains are raging in the rest of other Asian Countries, but here you can find some of the best tropical islands with intact coral reefs and abundance of wildlife and rainforest.
This 12 days journey will show you the best of Malaysian Borneo wildlife and beaches, including the incredibly beautiful scenery and wildlife of the Danum Valley or Tabin Wildlife Reserve.
You will have the chance to discover two of the best tropical islands, Lankayan and Pom Pom or Mataking and the most extraordinary eco-resorts in the rainforest with its unique flora and fauna, from orchids and hornbills to the elusive pygmy elephant and wild orangutans. Go in search of the unique wild orangutans, proboscis monkeys, and other creatures of the rainforest, staying in three exclusive eco-resorts in the most suggestive biodiversity hotspots, and finally relax on the best island of Celebes sea.
From Sandakan you will head to Lankayan island, a jewel-like tiny island in the Sulu Sea, just a 1.5 hour boat rides north from the coastline; the island has been declared part of an immense Marine Protected Area to adopt the eco-tourism concept. Situated within the Sea Turtle Corridor, Lankayan Island is also a nesting place and foraging ground for sea turtles; most commonly Green and Hawksbill Turtle. Therefore, you will have a chance to see turtles nesting as well as new hatchlings of baby turtles released to the sea especially from June till September. After 3 nights in this paradise island you will visit to the Orang-Utan sanctuary to see the rescued and orphaned Orang-utans and then the newly opened bear sanctuary too. Borneo’s thickset rainforest is the only place where you can see orangutan in the wild other than the neighbouring island of Sumatra. But spotting them is tricky and they’re usually at a distance. Visiting an orangutan sanctuary, such as the one at Sepilok, you will have the chance to see them almost at arm’s length. It’s all in one place and a great stop off before heading to the Kinabatangan River.
By boat on Kinabatang river will head further into the jungle for 3 nights at the eco resort in the forest. Here you can experience the best wildlife in Borneo as you go exploring for wildlife by river boat or overland, surely an experience of a lifetime. The ecolodge nestles on the banks of one of Borneo’s most important waterways, the Kinabatangan River, home to many of Borneo’s magnificent wildlife. Immerse yourself in the tranquility of the rainforest and the cacophony of its inhabitants, its majestic birds, all 7 species of Borneo Primates including Borneo’s iconic Proboscis Monkey, Orangutans in their natural habitat as well as herds of Borneo Pygmy Elephants. This ecolodge offers the rare comfort and luxury in the midst of the Borneo Rainforest whilst retaining an Eco-Lodge ethos, the delicate balance of true sustainability.
Your next destination will be one of the world’s most bio-diverse rainforests, Danum Valley Conservation Area, with its 43,800 Hectares of pristine and undisturbed tropical flora and fauna in the eastern part of Sab, or Tabin Wildlife Riserve, considered to be the largest wildlife reserve in Malaysia. You will spend the next 2 days in onein one of the two forest areas. 1) In Danum Valley you will have the chance to be host in one of the most luxurious eco-lodges found in Borneo, offering an off the beaten track wildlife experience in the heart of the Danum Valley. Nestled amidst some of Borneo’s primary rainforest alongside the banks of the Danum River, this eco-lodge is a fantastic setting for wildlife spotting and trekking. A canopy walkway runs through the tree-tops and there are opportunities to see some of Borneo’s rarer wildlife: wild orangutan and tarsier, a tiny saucer-eyed primate. 2) Alternatively,Tabin Wildlife Reserve has gained popularity to be one of the best places in Sabah to observe the rich bio-diversity of nature and to part-take in nature based activities. Amongst the popular things-to-do in Tabin are jungle-trekking, night safari, night walk, wildlife-spotting, birdwatching and rainforest education. Here you will be host in Tabin Wildlife Resort, a beautiful eco-lodge with several facilities, including charming timber lodges built and blended within the natural surrounding, and a comprehensive range of nature-based activities.
Your final destination will be another truly paradise island; you can choose between Pom Pom or Matakakin islands (according to your budget). Both of them are located at around at 45 minutes by boat from Semporna. Both the islands have rich tropical vegetation and is surrounded by white sand and the turquoise waters of the Celebes Sea. Those little atolls, which takes about an hour to walk around, is often a shelter for both Green and Hawksbill marine turtles that during the night return to the beach to nest. Those are the ideal locations where to end your honeymoon journeys, whether you want to dive, snorkel or just relax on the white sandy beach and if you are lucky again you might witness the hatching of the eggs and release of baby turtles to the sea.

  • Lankayan
  • Lankayan
  • Lankayan
  • pom pom
  • Borneo malese
  • pom pom


1° Day: arrival Sandakan

Upon arrival at Sandakan Airport, meet and transfer to Sandakan for Overnight stay.
Overnight at Sandakan. (B/L)

2° Day: transfer Lankayan island

After breakfast, pick up from Sandakan and transfer to jetty for the 1hour 45 minutes boat ride to Lankayan Island.
Overnight at Lankayan Island(B/L/D)


Free at your own leisure.
Overnight at Lankayan Island(B/L/D)


Free at your own leisure.
Overnight at Lankayan Island(B/L/D)

5° Day: Orang Utan visit Sepilok

After breakfast, depart by boat to Sandakan and make our way to Sepilok Orang Utan Rehabilitation Centre where you’ll learn about the plight of the Orang Utan and see firsthand the conservation efforts. Watch a short introductory video show about the Orang Utans and the rehabilitation efforts ongoing at the Centre and then proceed for ten minutes stroll through the rainforest on wooden boardwalks which takes you to the viewing platform where we’ll witness the feeding of the orang utans at 1000hrs. If the Orang Utans are feeling particularly friendly, you may even get the chance to get up close to the Orang Utan so be sure to hang onto your belongings. Thereafter visit the Borneo Sun Bear Conservation Centre to learn about conservation of the world’s smallest bear. After lunch, we head to the Sandakan jetty where we’ll embark on speedboat for a 2½ hours boat journey up the Kinabatangan River to the the eco Lodge in the rainforest. Cool down with a refreshing drink and cold towel upon arrival while our friendly manager helps you check-in. Take a few moments to savor afternoon tea before we head out into the wild on your first river safari.
Every boat is equipped with eco-friendly outboard engines (used along the main river where the current is strong) and electric motor (used during wildlife viewing in the small tributaries) in search of wildlife and birds. Take loads of photographs as the wildlife extravaganza puts on a show. If you don’t see a Proboscis monkey on your first river cruise. Return for a solar heated hot shower after sunset before enjoying a candle light buffet dinner overlooking the mighty river. Be sure to try on our in-house Sarongs (local wear) which is cooling and helps keep away any mozzies. Dinner is followed by a slide presentation and interpretation by our in-house naturalist guide.
Overnight at the eco Lodge in Sukau. (B/L/D)


An early morning call at 0530hrs to catch the rainforest waking up is in store. If conditions are just right, you might even wake to a surreal heavenly experience shrouded in mists. After a light breakfast, we embark on a morning river cruise in search of waking wildlife and birds which are most active in the morning on our way to the Kelenanap Ox-Bow lake. Return to a full breakfast awaiting you, taking the time to just immerse yourself in the surroundings. After breakfast, proceed for an educational walking tour along the lodge’s Hornbill Boardwalk with our in-house naturalist after which you’ll have some time to relax. If you’re itching for more activity, we have many optional activities on offer like a pampering Foot Spa treatment, Batik Painting for the family, swim at our Dip Pool and various other leisure activities. There is also a different free activity everyday so be sure to ask us. After afternoon tea, we head out onto the river once again in search of more wildlife. Breathe in the rainforest and capture the moments as we return at sunset from our final river cruise. Candlelight dinner.
Overnight at the eco Lodge in Sukau. (B/L/D)

7° Day: transfer Danum valley

After breakfast, proceed 2 hours overland to Lahad Datu. Continue driving 83km to reach the next eco Lodge. Explore nature trail and nearby river. In the evening a slide show and if weather permits, we go spotlighting to view some of the nocturnal animals.
Overnight at the eco lodge in Lahad Datu. (B/L/D)

8° Day: treetop canopy walk Danum valley

Early morning birdwalk before breakfast. Spend the whole day exploring the forest for birds and mammals, leading up to an escarpment with ancient burial coffins. Trek to waterfall for refreshing dip in rock pools. Lunch at the lodge. In the afternoon, explore more trails leading to canopy walkway.
Overnight at the eco lodge in Lahad Datu. (B/L/D)

9° Day: transfer Semporna

After breakfast, Transfer overland to Semporna and proceed to Semporna jetty. Take a boat journey to Pom-Pom or Mataking island for overnight stay.
Pom pom/Mataking (B/L/D)

10° Day: relax Pom pom island OR MATAKING ISLAND

Free at your own leisure.
Pom-Pom Island/Mataking (B/L/D)

11° Day: relax Pom pom island OR MATAKING ISLAND

Free at your own leisure.
Pom-Pom Island/Mataking (B/L/D)

12° Day: depart Tawau airport

After breakfast, depart from the Island to Semporna jetty and transfer to Tawau Airport for drop-off. (B/L)


  • kick back and relax as soon as you arrive on the pristine white sand beach of Lankayan Island for first 3 days,
  • keep an eye out for nesting sea turtles and baby turtles released into the sea,
  • discover the spectacular coral reef and seal life of Lankayan island though diving or snorkeling,
  • immerse yourself in the surroundings of a beautiful ecolodge in the rainforest
  • enjoying a candle light dinner on the Kinabatag river, followed by a slide presentation and interpretation by naturalist guide,
  • embark on a river cruise in search of waking wildlife and birds,
  • enjoy local lunch cooked by your host family and immerse yourself with the local culture and tradition,
  • learn about the plight of the Orang Utan and Borneo Sun Bear, having a firsthand experience of the conservation efforts,
  • stroll through the rainforest on wooden boardwalks and witness the feeding of the orang utans,
  • discover one of the 2 largest protected areas of the rain forest in Sabah, Danum Valley or Tabin Reserve
  • try the “Nature Trails” and the tree top “Canopy Walkway” the highest point for a close-up observation of the rain forest,
  • experience the best of Borneo’s pristine rainforest staying in ecolodges in the rainforest (Danum Valley or Tabin Reserve)
  • indulge yourself in the white sandy beaches of Pom Pom or Mataking island or go for snorkeling or diving


We selected beautiful and traditional heritages resorts with all the facilities throughout the tour. All the structures have been selected carefully according to criteria of social and environmental impacts. Whilst in Lankayan and pomp om islands we have selected beautiful island eco-resorts with traditional bunbalow on the beach. In Sukau and Danum Valley you will be hosted in award winning eco-resorts as to experience the essence of Borneo’ Wildlife. Both are ones of National Geographic Unique Lodges of the World, which is a network of world-class accommodations where sustainability is the touchstone and the guest experience is exceptionally rich and meaningful. Instead of Danum Valley resort we have selected also the Tabin Wildlife resort, offering lodge-style chalets set in the rainforest. This resort offers a total of 20 rooms comprising 10 river lodges and 10 hill lodges. Each room (twin or double) has an en-suite bathroom with hot shower, baloney and ceiling fan. For the last 3 nights of the tour, we have selected two different resorts (according to your budget) located in 2 beautiful islands. Both are the only resorts available in the island.


Private vehicles o mini-buses with AC according to the number of participants for all the itinerary from Sandakan to Tawau. Spead boat transfer from Sandakan to Lankayan islands and from Semporna to pom pom or Mataking island. From Sandakan to Sukau transport will be on 3 hours boat cruise along Kinabatang river.


The best weather is from March until the end of September as it should be drier. The climate in Borneo is essentially tropical and can be visited by tourists throughout the year thanks to a pleasant climate during all the year. There is no especially good or bad season to visit; lowland areas are always hot and humid and rain is a real possibility every day, all year around. “Wet” season is considered fro October to February that can affect boat links to offshore islands and visibility for divers.


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